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5 Ways To Help End Poverty

by C. Moult, Publisher, Photo credit: Reuters.          
Poverty is by no means a celebrative aspect of any culture. Most people aspire to accomplish some level of wealth in their lives. Yet, we have an astounding level of poverty in our world. To be clear, poverty takes into account inheritance, physical value of property owned including house, land, car and cash. Now before we can begin to solve poverty, we must first have an understanding of what causes poverty in the first place.

One instance of poverty stems from birth in which a child grows up in a household where the parent or parents do not have much to offer the child. In this case, the child is almost destined to be poor throughout his or her adult life. With the exception of rape, mothers have the freedom to conceive a child no matter what their quality of life is with respect to wealth prior to conception. It can get tricky when ask if poor mothers deserve to have children. But to answer this, you would have to first wonder what types of opportunities await the child. Though unlikely, it is still not impossible for a child to become successful in spite growing up in a poor household.

A second instance of poverty derives from poor decisions in adulthood. Some folks are not poor because they were born poor. Instead, they made terrible decisions in their lives such as going to jail. Going to jail can hurt one’s credibility and can cause such lack of trust that no one will want to take a chance of hiring you for a job.

Third, poverty can come about if people possess a lack of hard work, drive, and passion for success. It is true that people who are motivated to succeed will more often than not succeed. For the most part, this world is filled with plenty of opportunities for people to aspire to as long as they are willing to do so.

This article only highlights three instances to which poverty can occur, but there are other scenarios that can spur poverty. Below is a list of five ways to help eradicate poverty.

(1)    Have strategies to raise children before having children – Before you decide to have a child, a great deal of planning should be waged to outline the path to the child’s prosperity. That path should include looking at the financial stability of the potential parents. Potential parents should look at ways to be able to provide the child’s basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing and schooling. If these needs cannot be met, then it is fair to say that you are not ready to have a child.

(2)    Independence and Self-reliance – Independence and self-reliance are good habits to have and people should develop these habits at an early stage in life. Let us face it, parents will not be around forever, but even if that were to be possible, it serves no good to be dependent. The reason is that when you are dependent on someone, you cannot fully control the stream of support that you are depending on. On the other hand, when you are independent, you can control your destiny more fluidly and make adjustments to achieve even greater success.  Besides, self-reliance puts you in a position not only to take, but to be able to give, provide and create.

(3)    Make Good Decisions – Many times people are not poor because of lack of resources, but instead, by making poor decisions. We often hear of people who had money but yet became poor because they were bad managers of their own resources. You may not be wealthy, but it can go a long way when you spend wisely and live within your means.

(4)    Hard Work and Passion for Success – One of the best ways to combat poverty is through hard work and a passion for success in many shapes and forms. Being diligent and having a work ethic can make a big difference in one’s life because hard work tends to pay off. We should relentlessly encourage each other to find their passion and work hard to succeed at it. Another person’s hard work not only provides opportunities for that person, but also to others. For example, we are benefiting from the work of people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs via products like Microsoft and Apple respectively.
(5)    Goodwill – A very noble way to help eradicate poverty is by way of goodwill. When you give back to your community in smart ways that help to uplift people, you are not only helping those people, but you are also helping to create a better environment for yourself. We know that not everyone will escape the grip of poverty. Those who are unlucky to escape this grip, should not be allowed to wither away and perish. In fact, we should help them realize their potential and motivate them toward achieving their own success.